Sunday, 18 June 2017

3 Years On

Thought it was time for an update.....

Chrissy has now been living in her own home for over 3 years. Her life is as about good as it can get with all the complex challenges she presents with. Her family are thankful for the citizenship-promoting policies that eventually enabled her to live on her own. I never thought it would happen and, at times, doubted it would work - I wondered if Chrissy was too complex, too challenging, to live in her local community. She still has ups and downs, and we've recently put a higher fence in her garden to minimise any disturbances to her neighbours. Luckily, they understand the difficulties Chrissy has, and are patient and sympathetic.

We make the most of Chrissy's good days and get on with her lives when she is too unwell to visit us.

I am at peace, no longer fearful of another traumatic 'placement breakdown' or what will happen to Chrissy when her stepdad and I die. There's great freedom in that.

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