Sunday, 3 February 2013

Happy Times!

Ian was away on business so it was just Chrissy & I this weekend. From the moment I picked her up she was jolly and chatty. Throughout her visit there were fewer shouting episodes and, unlike last week, no swearing.

Overall, Chrissy was more compliant and able to focus on the task in hand. This morning I let her take things at her own pace. She chose to play on her laptop before doing anything else. She then let me know when she was ready for her bath and, after I got her dressed, I left her to eat her breakfast on her own with no distractions. Her obsession with food vanished when she came off antipsychotics - but surprisingly she hasn't lost weight. Hopefully we will be able to address her diet when she is living in the community and no longer eating communally.

I was even able to have a shower while Chrissy played quietly downstairs on her laptop. Unheard of! I sneaked downstairs to check that she wasn't stalking one of our cats and was reassured to see that she was sitting contentedly at the kitchen table selecting a DVD. This ability to entertain herself is new - usually, if she is left alone in a room, she seeks us out and shadows us so closely that we get stuck in doorways and fall over her whenever we turn round. She has taken up old hobbies like drawing and writing again.

'My Dinner' by Chrissy

On our morning stroll to the village shop Chrissy clutched her banana-&-chocolate-mousse-in-a-bag and posted my letters then stopped for chats with a lady that used to work behind the till and my neighbour. It reinforced my view that she should move into a familiar community where she will be among people that know her.

As I drove her back to the assessment & treatment unit she kept smiling at me and stroking my shoulder. These genuine shows of affection have been increasing over the past few months. She often spontaneously kisses Ian and I, and says: 'I love you sometimes.'

Only downside is that she's had two nocturnal seizures this week but one or two a week is fine and may account for her calmer behaviour.

Tomorrow Chrissy starts on vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which may curtail some of the negative behavioural effects that we've seen since she's been on Keppra. I was pleased that her psychiatrist took it upon himself to do his own research & agree to a trial of vitamin B6. Chrissy's neurologist hadn't been convinced.

So this weekend Chrissy's behaviour, ability to engage, alertness, focus etc. were as good as they were just before she went on Keppra but was having too many seizures. Have we finally achieved the successful balance we've been seeking for so long?

Only time will tell....

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  1. I am really pleased that this week-end was better, I really felt for you after reading your post regarding last week. I hope this is the start of better times to come. Loved Chrissy's drawing.

    1. Thank you Anne. it's a real treat to have Chrissy drawing again. I will put one of her drawings of a person on here. They're really quirky & funny - just like Chrissy!