Saturday, 5 November 2011

#Special Saturday - Christmas Gifts

Now Chrissy is engaging more with activities I am choosing Xmas gifts with particular care. She can be destructive so needs close supervision with anything breakable, like her laptop & portable DVD player. I have bought her the Snowman DVD again, which she loves. I buy at least one a year because it wears out or gets broken. Chrissy plays it over & over, & never tires of it. This year I'm trying out DVDs that have similar animations - Father Xmas & The Bear. Chrissy loves anything Xmas-themed & DVDs with lots of singing, dancing & colour.

Greatest hits include:
Makaton Nursery Rhymes hosted by Dave Benson Phillips; portable keyboard; a colourful 'speaking' parrot & Teddy Ruxpin - another speaking toy; a personalised video that features your child as the star in a cartoon; a small Xmas tree that dances to music; pop-up books with sounds; Vtech toy laptop; Leapfrog reading system; portable DVD player; CDroms like Reader Rabbit; bubbles; a brand new Argos catalogue!

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  1. I know what you mean about stuff wearing out - I recorded 8 tapes of music videos for my dd from MTV 9-10 years ago and she loved them..only 3 are still working..I have no idea how to replace them!

  2. Does Chrissy like Signing Time? Or have you ever tried Signing Time with her? Does she like receiving Christmas cards?

  3. Looking For Blue Sky - yes, it's a pain isn't it? Then, if they are fixated on something & it doesn't work all hell breaks lose!
    Busy Mommy - Chrissy is only interested in musical Xmas cards or personalised cards with a family photo or pic of her on them, & then only fleetingly. I haven't tried Signing Time. Just had a look on Amazon. Chrissy would LOVE some of those DVDs! Will order some for Xmas. Thanks BusyMommy :-)

  4. It amazing how they get fixated on one thing isn't it.

    Mine are forever breaking things I am totally fed up of replacing everything. Its just one continuous circle

  5. The destructiveness is very hard to deal with Wendy, I agree. Chrissy's carers will let her rip up pages of catalogues & tear down her curtains in her bedroom. We stop her doing things like that at home, by blocking her or moving items when she's in a volatile mood to make sure she doesn't damage any precious belongings. It's a fine line between physical interventions, which Chrissy's carers aren't allowed to use, & common sense.

  6. Hi Jane, I had to laugh at your mention of 'The Snowman' DVD.. I am listening to it right now as my daughter Chloe(who has severe learning difficulties & chronic renal/heart problems - a swan childxx)listens to it all year round & I have to buy 4 or 5 copies a year to keep her happy as they gets scratched etc & she sings at the top of her voice to it!..she also likes the father christmas one which is on the old edition with both on(with David Bowie).. AT LAST-- I'm not alone!!!!!!! xx

  7. Neetxx, love your comment. Glad we're not alone too! Need to stockpile snowman dvds as hard to get any time except xmas. Could be worse I old is Chloe? xx