Friday, 1 July 2011

Special Saturday - My Special Needs Child is Amazing Because....

....she managed stay calm most of the evening.

Chrissy often struggles to stay calm for all sorts of reasons, including routine changes or transitions from one activity to another. This evening she allowed me to gently squeeze her hands & give her hugs to address her sensory needs (& because we both enjoy the physical contact). She had only one very short outburst while waiting for her dinner & for her stepdad to come home from work. She was able to tell me what colours were in the washing I was hanging out, & what foods we were preparing for our meal. She also managed to participate with food preparation. She only drove her sister a little bit crazy when she played DVD's on her computer when she was trying to sleep (she's got tonsilitis). She laughed with us as we watched 'Little Fockers' this evening, & settled in bed after only two turns of the pillow & one 'squaring' of her blanket. One of Chrissy's magical evenings :-)

"Special Saturday" was set up to spread awareness of the needs, feelings and accomplishments of children and adults with special needs or

Link to the Facebook group

Link to the original story of how special saturday came about

Link to Swan UK (Syndromes Without a Name)


  1. I popped in from Unique cafe. I too have a blog but am not a journalist! I write to keep myself sane and to get some of the yucky stuff out!

    You can find me at

  2. Hi! Just popped in from a post you put in on the #SpecialSaturday FB page and I am so glad I did! What a great site! My guys have lots of various diagnoses, and I love connecting with other parents who have walked the path. Chrissy looks like an angel (literally in her little angel pic!) and I can tell how well-loved she is. *hugs* To an amazing mom!

    I also connected with you on Twitter, because I am an addict (shh! Don't tell!)

    I love that you are a journalist - journalism was my first love and first degree choice, before I left school and had three special needs kids. That changed my perspective on life a little bit ;-) and I am just now finishing up an English degree while working freelance as a writer and editor as well. We'll definitely have to connect sometime soon!

  3. Hi Lynn, Just checked out your blog. Looks great. Love your pics! I started blogging with my journalist's hat on but it's well & truly off now. Like you, I blog as a parent. It just morphed into a blog about Chrissy.

    Thanks for your kind words Katrina. Impressed at how you manage to fit in your degree & journalism in with having 3 special needs kids - & a Twitter junkie too :-)