Saturday, 9 July 2011

Special Saturday - Music

Trying to think of a way to link my post to the theme of this week's Special Saturday made me realise that Chrissy doesn't enjoy music like she used to. A lively beat was irresistible to her & she had a great sense of rhythm. I can picture her now playing with her keyboard, her whole body responding rapturously to the beat. She's gained so much weight on her meds that she rarely dances now, & then, only for short bursts. She still has rhythm but it's sad that her enthusiasm for dancing & certain types of music has waned. Another bit of Chrissy on my wishlist for meds changes to give us back.

We've had a mixed evening with Chrissy. She started off calm but kicked off after one mouthful of dinner (which she spat out). I was not amused - there's nothing worse than carefully preparing a meal then having it disrupted for no rational reason! She calmed down after about 15 minutes & ate the lot quite happily. I wonder why food is such a trigger for 'behaviours' in people with autism...?


  1. Chrissy might come back to music as its already there, she just has to find it again in her time.

    The food is a bit thing for us causes a lot of problems like yourself I'm not sure why

  2. Hi Wendy, yes, music's definitely still there for Chrissy. She listens and stops the repetitive questioning - she just doesn't seek it out or dance to it these days.

    Food seems to be an issue for lots of the Unique kids, & nearly always is for people with autism. Chrissy used to be a very picky eater but now she eats anything & everything - though still has outbursts before eating for some reason.