Friday, 13 May 2011

Perfect Days

What a fantastic mood Chrissy was in tonight. No outbursts, not even a hint of one. I heard her clapping & cheering when I arrived to pick her up. I was told it was because she'd heard I was coming. When we got home she was chatty & playful, laughing at & interested in the antics of our two cats. Anxiety-related autistic traits were subdued - there were no bedtime rituals & minimal obsessive/compulsive repetitive questioning.....No, not a wonderful dream or wishful thinking. That's the enigma of Chrissy. It's a privilege to share these inexplicably 'perfect' times & they light up our lives.

Chrissy's Epilim has been increased as part of a programme to withdraw another anti-epileptic, with the ultimate aim of reducing the number of different drugs she is on. Could that be why she seems so joyful & relaxed? Experience tells me not....

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