Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The sensory overload of a hospital appointment

Chrissy appears to have no concept of time but she somehow senses if she hasn't been home for over a week. Last weekend I was away so didn't bring her home as usual. When I phoned the hospital to finalise details of today's appointment with Chrissy's neurologist, a nurse told me that on Saturday, she had donned her hat, coat & gloves & demanded to come home. When her request hadn't been granted she'd become very distressed. So, feeling guilty, I decided to bring her home today after the neurology appointment, instead.

The appointment itself went smoothly. Chrissy veered off into a shop inside the hospital for a diet coke & briefly interrogated a tiny child she was curious about but we didn't have to wait for long to be seen. The neurologist was well-informed & thorough, & I was happy with the meds change she advised. The two nurses that came with us brought the car as close as they could to the entrance so Chrissy didn't have to walk very far with the wind blowing her face - something that makes her react as if she's under attack. She moaned a bit & full-on sobbed at one point but all in all she coped very well.

The reaction came later back at home!

As usual I'd organised everything beforehand so that I could give Chrissy my full attention - I'd even pre-cooked tonight's dinner. Unfortunately, Chrissy wanted her sister's computer even though she now has her own laptop. After screaming & throwing herself & other objects around for 10 minutes she eventually calmed down & played on her laptop at the kitchen table. Another outburst kicked off when her lunch came - meal times & food are often triggers. Eventually, when I added an egg & tomato sauce to her tuna sandwiches, she settled down. Simple solutions but rarely obvious ones....

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