Friday, 22 April 2011

Are you Mummy....?

....the question Chrissy asked me today while I was running her bath. She answered it herself - 'Possibly.' A learnt, meaningless word but funny & fairly appropriate nonetheless. Chrissy often does this - asks a question then answers it, & sometimes goes on to conduct a hilarious surreal conversation with herself using snatches of words & phrases overheard in others' conversations.

On the drive back to hospital Chrissy spent about 5 minutes shouting in my ear: "Are we going for a drive?!" Mozart's 2 Pianos didn't work but 'Forget You' by Cee Lo Green did (this time!). She suddenly stopped shouting & started dancing in her seat, her face wreathed in smiles. She can make you despair/furious/sad/exhausted one minute then switch moods in a flash & make you smile/laugh/feel full of love & gratitude that you have been blessed with such a child. Loving someone like Chrissy is an emotional roller-coaster as her mood swings are so all-consuming & unpredictable that you can't help mirroring them.

When I dropped her off, without a backward glance, she headed straight for the kitchen & food. So different to when I picked her up. Then, her face had flushed at the sight of me & she'd hugged 2 members of staff, laughing uproariously with joy....

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