Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Getting our daughter back..

After the sudden move, I'd lost confidence in the quality of care Chrissy had been receiving. Doesn't take much. Trust had been shaken so many times by past events pre-hospitalisation. However, today, after a care programme approach meeting, my confidence was restored & my fears allayed. The meeeting was very well-planned & well-attended. I was impressed & moved by the obvious affection hospital staff had for Chrissy. It was clear that all attendees wanted the best for her & several health professionals said how much they enjoy working with her. One of her nurses added that they had all learned so much from Chrissy. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear that. We still learn so much from Chrissy too! I know how exhausting Chrissy can be but it's wonderful to hear that I'm not the only one who sees the rewards. The professionalism & attention to detail by the medical team in preparing their report was second-to-none. It's in stark contrast to all the meetings we used to have pre-hospitalisation with hidden funding agendas where Chrissy's healthcare needs were denied. I won't let it lie. There are too many vulnerable adults out there, with complex needs, like Chrissy, who don't have anyone to fight for them.

After the meeting we met with the CEO to discuss the problematic move. He was open & apologetic about what had gone wrong. I feel reassured that lessons have been learned, & this incident will not be repeated. I was reminded today how far Chrissy has come since she was first admitted in January 2010. We still have blips (xmas!) & there is still lots more work to be done but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Chrissy is coming back to us...

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