Saturday, 26 February 2011

Could you be a woman living with undiagnosed autism?

I blogged about Shona in January. Her story in Essentials Magazine came out today. 32-year old Shona has a 1st class degree in genetics but finds it difficult to hold down even basic admin jobs. She is attractive with a big personality but has problems in her relationships with family, friends & boyfriends. She has always felt alone & at odds with the world. Six years Shona was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism in women is an under-researched area & many women wait years for a diagnosis or are wrongly diagnosed with eating disorders or other problems. 10 males to one female are referred for diagnostic assessment for ASD; females present differently to males, with less obsessional and pedantic traits, which means autism is less likely to be suspected. Many women may be living with undiagnosed autism like Shona was.

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