Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Chemical coshes for dementia patients

Reducing the use of anti-psychotic drugs for dementia patients can only be a good cut to make surely? Yet on ITV News' Facebook wall everyone's complaining about it! They're missing the point. See my previous blog about the autism industry, in which I say that anti-psychotics are used as a one-size-fits-all drug that don't work for everyone & cause nasty side-effects. They can cause early deaths in elderly patients too. Some dementia patients are being given chemical coshes because they wander a bit & there aren't sufficient staff to cope. This happens to other vulnerable people in residential homes too. My daughter was sedated AS A PRECAUTION because another resident kicked off & staff worried they wouldn't be able to cope if my daughter started too! I found out what had happened because I'd come to take my daughter home for a visit. It resulted in a Safeguarding Alert, which is a meeting to discuss what happened & review procedures to protect vulnerable adults. What happens behind closed doors when vulnerable people don't have family or anyone else to watch out for them?

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